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Summer Term Update from Global Academy ☀️

Here's what's been happening recently at Global Academy....

Welcome To G:Termly

Dear colleagues and industry friends - THANK YOU again for your ongoing support with Global Academy Here’s our final termly update on projects and partnerships for the Summer Term in your inbox!

What a year! We’ve had some really special experiences take place at Global Academy that wouldn't take place in any other school in the country! This would have not been possible without the support of our industry partners.

I'm super proud to share that many of our students are now leaving the Academy this Summer and landing jobs straight in the industry with brands like Global, News UK, Royal Opera House, Bloomberg, BBC Studios and many more! We will share more of this news in the Autumn Term.

The Global Academy team are taking some much-needed rest across the Summer and we look forward to starting it all over again with our industry partners in September when we launch our new Sixth Form Esports, Journalism and Technical pathways too!

I look forward to catching up with our industry friends in September to plan for the year ahead!

Many thanks,

Jonathan Jacob

Director of Specialism

Employer Engagement Opportunities This Term

This term started with a bang as we welcomed many partners who inspired our students with Industry Workshops to make learning real.

Joseph Semakula, a Brand and Sponsorship Specialist at Canon EMEA, who came in to deliver an unforgettable branding workshop to our Year 12 Creative Enterprise students .. with his unique presenting style and game show experiences!

Daniel Roberts and Tom Holliday from ENVY (an award-winning post-production company) came in to deliver a workshop to our Year 12 Content Production Students. Their visit provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to dive into the world of ENVY, and how they form part of the production process for some of the UK’s most iconic shows including; Gogglebox, Top Gear and Britains Got Talent. Daniel and Tom also gave an intro into the world of AVID, an industry standard editing software which they and the team use, demonstrating its power in post-production workflows.

Other guests who inspired our students this term included Amrit Mann, a Journalist from Sky News (and Global Academy alumni!), Abi Samuel - a freelance artist who spoke to our design students about setting up exhibitions, Kingston University, experimental agency OnePoint Five, London College of Communication, a festival workshop from The Playmaker Group and much much more!

We also got the chance to experience the workplace with a plethora of visits for students this term including visits to Global, Bloomberg, Dentsu Media, Canon, Freemantle, Rocket PR, Tik Tok, Sky and many more for our Year 10 and Year 12 students - what a busy term!

Year 12 Support Global with Advertising Project

We were delighted to work with Global’s commercial team on an exciting project that helped them develop their approach to advertising over the next five years by involving our students in creating new ideas, concepts and creative solutions alongside the team.

Four of our Media Business students got the chance to work with senior colleagues from Global to support their approach to working with clients and developing unique creative solutions across the Global Outdoor estate. Over a 3 week period - our students got the chance to develop new ideas, enhance processes and tell their story. We can’t wait to see their ideas come to life in the coming months.

Canon Mentoring Programme

Across the past few months, we have been delighted to host an exclusive mentoring programme with Canon EMEA, Creative Mentor Network and Global Academy.

This mentoring programme is an inspiring initiative that nurtures the creative talents of students from diverse backgrounds to kickstart their careers in media. Guided by dedicated mentors from Canon EMEA, this transformative programme empowered participants to unlock their potential, gain invaluable industry experiences, and prepare for thriving careers in the media and creative industry.

Cecilie Harris, Head of Creative Services at Canon EMEA, shares her enthusiasm for the mentoring program, stating:

“From my own experience, I loved being part of the mentoring program this year and have had such a blast mentoring the very talented and ambitious, Monique Miller! Having so many talents, including her presenter skills and already having her own fashion brand, her opportunities are limitless.”

The programme spans Year 13 and Year 14, catering to students from non-traditional media backgrounds and those receiving bursaries. With a focus on inclusivity, the mentoring program ensures that all students have equal opportunities to thrive. Through personalised guidance, students developed their professional and technical skills, while also honing essential soft skills such as workplace readiness, CV building, interview skills, communication, and teamwork.

One of the program’s highlights was the Showcase event, where students presented their experiences and growth. It is a celebration of their journey and a platform for displaying their improved CVs and online portfolios. The Showcase not only highlighted their achievements but also provides an opportunity to connect with industry professionals, opening doors for future job prospects.

The mentoring programme with Canon EMEA goes beyond technical skills development. It prepares students for the transition from Global Academy to the media and creative industry. Workshops, seminars, and resources equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed. They gain work experience, meet industry professionals, and expand their networks, paving the way for a bright future.

Students Impress at Summertime Ball

The Global Academy team was beyond thrilled to be a part of the Capital’s Summertime Ball with Barclaycard. From backstage tours and work experience to alumni running the show and free tickets to all!

Global Academy’s participation in Capital’s Summertime Ball wasn’t just about attending a thrilling concert; it was an opportunity for our students to witness the magic behind the scenes. Two hundred future Global Academy students, from Year 10 and Year 12, embarked on a build day for the event. They were treated to an exclusive backstage tour of the stadium, engaged in exciting teambuilding games, and had the privilege of hearing from current students on a captivating panel. The experience provided invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of event production and sparked their passion for media careers.

The contributions of Year 13 students were instrumental in the success of the Summertime Ball. Many of them worked backstage, showcasing their skills in various roles. The video production team captured captivating content for Capital’s platforms, while the Commercial Partnerships team orchestrated on-stage moments for main partner Barclaycard. Additionally, these talented students curated audience content for the on-screen social walls, captivating 80,000 fans in the stadium. Their dedication and professionalism highlighted the real-world experience and expertise gained at Global Academy.

Global Academy takes immense pride in the achievements of its alumni, and the Summertime Ball was no exception. Emily Parrott, a graduate from 2018, supported the project management of the entire event, working closely with Global’s senior management over the past six months. Her role exemplifies the calibre of talent nurtured at Global Academy and showcases the potential for growth and success within the industry. Furthermore, several other alumni made significant contributions across on-air production, video production, commercial partnerships, artist liaison, and more, solidifying Global Academy’s reputation as a launching pad for media careers.

Design Workshop with LCC

As part of their visit to London College of Communication, Global Academy students had the privilege of participating in a special workshop led by LCC tutors, Trudi Esberger and Kelly Hall. The workshop, known as the Drawing Club, provided our students with a creative space to explore their imaginations and conceive a future city. Through innovative artistic techniques and imaginative exercises, our students were empowered to shape urban environments and bring their visions to life.

The LCC Shows 2023 exhibition served as a backdrop for our students’ creative exploration. The showcased projects, ranging from identity to social justice and sustainability, offered diverse perspectives and inspired thought-provoking conversations. Our students witnessed firsthand the power of art and design in challenging norms and shaping narratives, igniting their own artistic ambitions.

Getting to experience creative work first hand allows our students to develop their creative thinking and idea generation. This term, we’re focusing on exhibition skills so exploring work in real life settings help learning come to life.

Chantelle Callaghan, Head of Art

AI Workshop With Kingston School of Art

This term, we welcomed Russell Miller, Associate Professor at Kingston School of Art, to Global Academy where he conducted an exciting AI-inspired interactive design workshop with our Year 12 Digital Design students.

As an expert in the advertising field, Russell brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the workshop. He guided the participants through the fundamentals of AI and its applications in design, emphasising its potential to enhance user experiences and create captivating interactive interfaces.

Students left the workshop inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge and skills in AI-inspired interactive design. The event served as a testament to Kingston School of Art’s commitment to providing its students with cutting-edge educational opportunities that prepare them for the future of design.

Fundraising for Local Hospice with Photography

Global Academy takes immense pride in the exceptional talent of its Digital Design students from Year 12 and Year 13. In a testament to their skills and artistic vision, these budding photographers have been chosen by Canon to showcase their remarkable work in a local online silent art auction. This collaboration not only highlights the students’ artistic prowess but also emphasizes Global Academy’s commitment to nurturing creativity and making a positive impact in the community.

Global Academy firmly believes in empowering its students and providing them with real-world opportunities to showcase their talent. By participating in this auction – the local community not only support the artistic journey of these students but also contribute to the development of a vibrant and healing space for patients at Hillingdon Hospital..

Thank You

As always, thank you to everyone who continues to support us and our students. These kinds of industry-related opportunities are absolutely invaluable to our students and we couldn’t do it without you!

If you would like to get involved or help us in any way going forward, please email me via [email protected] - we would be delighted to hear from you!